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Independent Solar Commissioning, Operations & Maintenance, and Asset Management

Solar Asset Management Services

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Asset Management

Blue Oak Energy will monitor your site—or portfolio of sites—daily to ensure that the system is performing to specifications. Our analysts also monitor for accelerated photovoltaic device and system degradation over time.

Preventive Maintenance

The Operations and Maintenance team performs regular onsite inspections, diagnostics and preventive maintenance to address any potential issues and ensure your system continues to perform as designed.

Corrective Maintenance

Once our Asset Management team has isolated an issue and its potential cause, we immediately develop a course of action. This may include delivering remote instructions to a local contact or mobilizing assigned field services for more extensive repairs to the solar electric system.

Array Cleaning

Regular solar array cleaning increases annual solar energy production by an average of five to ten percent in climates with a dry season. We will recommend a cleaning schedule based on local weather patterns and the expected ROI of your PV solar energy system.

Experience Put to Work

A decade of PV engineering (link to Design page) and construction (link to Build page) experience gives Blue Oak Energy a unique perspective when it comes to Asset Management and Solar O&M– we inspect installations with an eye for performance, safety, and longevity. We are passionate about commercial rooftop and utility solar electric facilities and we intend to operate your system as if it were our own.

Our engineers and analysts who monitor your system understand the inherent temporal variations in production as well as idiosyncrasies of the instrumentation; this is critical for discerning an actual issue from standard fluctuations.

Our O&M team is an extension of our trusted engineering and construction teams. This collaboration lends itself to accurate trouble-shooting and corrective maintenance efforts.

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