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Our Culture

Founder's Message

At Blue Oak Energy we've made building a sustainable energy future our priority. Everything we do is because we believe solar energy should be a high percentage of our energy mix and prioritized over all other energy generation types.

We are focused on bringing clean energy to the forefront by implementing solid quality commercial solar and utility-scale solar projects across the United States. We deliver solar engineering services and full solar energy facilities of the highest quality through our specialized, diverse and integrated team. We are professional, motivated, and enthusiastic in our approach.

Our focus is engineering, construction and system operations for distributed generation solar facilities. This technical depth and clear focus has allowed us to deliver or help deliver some of the most awesome solar projects and solar portfolios in the world.

Blue Oak Energy is one of the leading solar energy companies focused on where the future lies, and we're excited to be on that journey.

Thank you for joining us. Go solar!
Tobin Booth, CEO

Our Mission

We deliver real-world energy solutions today to help build a sustainable tomorrow.

Our Vision

The transition to clean, renewable energy is a compelling and irreversible trend.

Our Values

We are intelligent, responsible, and professional leaders in our industry.

Our Culture

We have the greatest success working with team members and partners who share the following attributes:

  • Common Vision
  • Clear Expectations
  • Continuous Feedback
  • Creative Solutions
  • Can-do Attitude
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