Commercial Rooftop Solar

Financial rewards are unlocked for those who work through

the rooftop solar challenges.

Commercial rooftop solar projects offer their fair share of challenges, but at the end of the day the financial return is excellent in most markets. One reason is that when solar modules are rooftop mounted, they use the building structure and electrical system to minimize additional materials that would normally be required for ground mount and carport solar facilities. Net metered rooftop projects therefore bring a desirable financial benefit that outshines any issues or challenges.

Types of rooftops:

The variety of rooftops found on commercial buildings can prove a challenge for any rooftop solar engineer and contractor. But no matter the challenge, Blue Oak is meticulous about bringing the original roofing company into the project to ensure the rooftop warranty is maintained. This step is essential to ensure continuous rooftop warranty coverage.

Composite or built-up rooftops are very common and are often the easiest to work with simply because the material is so available.

Rooftop Solar

Standing seam metal rooftops can be wonderful for attaching solar arrays because rooftop penetrations are not required to secure the array into place. We use a seam clamp to mechanically fasten the metal roofing to the solar array.

Rooftop Solar

The modern roof membrane is generally a single ply membrane made of a variety of different materials. These single ply membranes can be excellent for solar arrays because they are long lasting and easy to repair and maintain over time.

Rooftop Solar

Working with a rock or gravel ballasted rooftop can be a challenge. In many locations the rocks will need to be removed to allow for the solar array mounting system to make positive contact with the roof surface. If the rocks are not moved, they will be pushed into the membrane and provide locations for water settling and intrusion.

Rooftop Solar

What is your rooftop challenge?

As far as rooftops go, we think we’ve seen it all! Blue Oak is skilled with many different types of roof membranes and sensitive to building owners’ concerns. While many solar installers will boast of fully ballasted systems without rooftop penetrations, we have rarely seen successful rooftop solar systems without some positive attachment and anchoring to the structure. When engaged in engineering and installing your rooftop solar project, Blue Oak Energy will carefully design your system to withstand wind events, thermal expansion and contraction, and significant rainfall events.

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