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Solar Careers

We are actively hiring qualified candidates for the following positions:

PDFSolar Project Engineer

PDFProject Superintendent

PDFDirector of Civil Engineering

PDFIT Manager

PDFCivil Engineer

While we do endeavor to advance clean energy, we also play hard to keep life in balance. Everyone needs time off to sharpen their minds and bring fresh perspectives to light. We also offer generous benefits including comprehensive medical coverage, life insurance, paid time off, gym memberships, office bicycles, daily inspiration and more.

We are always interested in highly qualified candidates even if there is not a specific position listed that fits you perfectly. If you would like to indicate your interest, please email your cover letter and resume documents to:

Fall River Mills
Blue Oak Energy Team Shout Out for Solar 2015

Careers at Blue Oak Energy

We have focused much of our history on establishing a team, a reputation and a brand, which are unmatched in the solar energy industry. Like the blue oak tree found in Northern California where we started, we are smaller than our competitors, yet we are hearty, thriving, and ubiquitous in our environment.

A solar career at Blue Oak Energy is not just any solar job. Deciding to enter the solar industry is a career choice and a lifetime changing event which will both chart the course of the energy industry and your future. Because renewable energy still makes up less than 1% of the current energy mix in the United States, we see a healthy continuum of work ahead to diversify our energy mix to 30% renewable energy.
At Blue Oak Energy, you can expect to encounter:

Authentic People
Our team is progressive, collaborative and considerate. The egos are checked at the door. We have found the greatest success and results occur doing good for the whole rather than for the self. We love coming to work each day because of the people at Blue Oak.

Exciting Projects
Because we work across many geographies and varieties of customers, we are constantly dealing with new and exciting challenges. The clean energy future has just begun and your career at the forefront awaits you!

Broad Results
The solutions you create at Blue Oak Energy will have broad results across our delivery on future projects. Whether it’s creating a new CAD detail, developing an automation tool, or reducing the material costs, we recognize how incremental solar advancements make serious contributions.

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